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May I meet my DJ before my wedding?
We are always happy to meet prospective brides and grooms to discuss how J&D Productions can make your reception a smooth and fun event with no obligation, everything from Grand entrance to last dance. We meet with the bride / groom etc two weeks or so before the reception to finalize the details of your wedding to make sure we execute all of your wishes.

Is there a light show available?
Yes a standard light show is included with all packages with enough light to cover all but the largest dance floors. If your having a large party or a very young crowd lighting upgrades are available.

Do you offer uplighting?
Yes, all wedding packages include 8 uplights.


How do The DJ's dress?
For weddings, and formal affairs we wear Tuxedos unless you request a different style of dress.

What is required at the event sight?
We require about 10 feet by 5 feet of floor space, 120VAC 20A electricity with in 100 feet of the DJ's location. If your event is away from electricity such as in a park we can provide our own for an additional fee. If it is an outside event protection from the elements, this usually means a tent.

What type of music do you play?
We have available music from the 50's, 60's 70's, Big Band Swing Era, Classic Rock, Disco, Hip Hop-Rap, Current Top 40, Current And Classic Country, Light Jazz, and Classical. Generally Light Jazz and Classical are only played for dinner music. You may request more or less of any type of music

What if you don't have a song we want for our first dance?
In the unlikely case we don't have the song you would like for any of your special dances , first dance, parents dance, bridal party etc. we will get it and add it to our collection for you.

Do you take requests?
Yes we take requests from you and your guests we also take your (the Bride and Groom) request of what not to play.

Will you play our music?
Yes we are happy to play CD's provided by you, we only ask that they come from only one person and they are marked with your name. If you have records, cassettes or reel to reel tape we can transfer them to CD or MP3 for use at your reception but we have to have them at least 2 weeks in advance. Sorry no 8-Tracks

How do I reserve my wedding / event date?
Call or email us with your event information, we will send or email you a contract. Sign it and mail it back along with a deposit of $250.00 (or use a credit card online) and the date is reserved. We will give you a courtesy hold of 2 weeks for the mail to cross. We also will be happy to meet with you in person.